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The first citizenship programme in the European Union to be recognized by the European Commission is the Individual Investor Program (IIP), commonly referred to as the Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme, whereby it allows an individual who significantly contributes to the economic and social development in Malta and their families to be a citizen in Malta by a certificate of naturalisation.

This is designed to attract non-Maltese nationals and their dependents who have talent, expertise and business connections. Applicants are subject to a stringent routine vetting procedure and due diligence process, including thorough background checks, and must comply with the required contributions in exchange of the Malta citizenship.


Criteria and Requirements

By virtue of Legal Notice LN47/2014 the Government of the Republic of Malta has established the legal framework for the IIP. To qualify for citizenship, the applicant must satisfy the following:

  • the applicant is at least 18 years of age;
  • the applicant must provide proof of residence in Malta for a period of 12 months preceding the issuance of a certificate of citizenship;
  • the applicant meets the investment requirements below:
    • Purchase or Lease of Property
      The applicant must either acquire a property in Malta having a minimum value of €350,000 or lease a property in Malta for a minimum annual rent of €16,000. This property shall retain for a period of at least 5 years, and cannot be let or sublet.
    • Stocks or Bonds Investments
      An investment in stocks, bonds or special purpose vehicles identified by Identity Malta, for a minimum value of €150,000 to be held for a minimum period of 5 years.
  • The applicant must contribute to the National Development and Social Fund.
  • The applicant must have Global Health Insurance coverage for at least €50,000 for the main applicant and each of the dependants and must give proof that they can maintain the same for an indefinite period.



Qualified Dependents

Main applicant may include his/her dependents, including:

  • Spouse;
  • Dependants of 18 years of age and under;
  • Dependants between the age of 18 and 26 years of age, who are not married and who are wholly supported by the main applicant and form part of the household; and
  • Dependants over the age of 55 years (e.g. parents), who are wholly supported by and who form part of the household of the main applicant.


Contribution Requirements and Fees

The applicants must satisfy the following contributions and fees:  to the National Development and Social Fund which is payable on approval of application:

Contributions to National Development and Social Fund (payable on approval of application)

Main applicant €650,000
Spouse €25,000
Each Dependant child aged 0-17 €25,000
Each Dependant child aged 18-26 €50,000
Each Dependant aged 55 or above €50,000

Due diligence fees (payable on submission of application) 

Main applicant €7,500
Spouse €5,000
Each Dependant child aged 0-12 Nil
Each Dependant child aged 13-17 €3,000
Each Dependant child aged 18-26 €5,000
Each Dependant aged 55 or above €5,000

Identity Malta Agency fees

Passport Fees (per person) €500
Bank Charges (per application) €200
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